Since the ancient times jewels were an ornament to which man resorted to stand out or to acquire personality and prestige, serving over the centuries, different roles: the magic symbolism, the identification of a social class or a representation of sentimental value. In any case, a jewel always contains a precious memory of a special moment, and this is the reason by which it is the gift par excellence.


The Tennis bracelets made from Viva Creations laboratory are characterized by a particular square structure, which allows you to get a perfect continuous thread of diamonds and precious stones while maintaining the flexibility typical of this classic gem. In addition to classic diamond, tennis bracelets we propose with rubies, topaz, black diamonds and emeralds, white gold, pink or yellow.

Viva Creations also produces special Tennis bracelets with two or three-wire (but thanks to the customization you can decide how many threads you want the bracelet). A tennis bracelet of this type is undoubtedly more challenging and a strong visual impact, ideal for those who like to surprise with elegance.

The Tennis bracelets in multiple strands are characterized by two or more strands of stones collected on the typical square grid of Viva Creations, absolutely perfect from the line, with safety lock which disappears once bracelet is belted, leaving only the brightness of diamonds! But because only a bracelet? On the model of bracelets, we also realize Tennis necklaces, ideal complement to a refined look and ever timely.

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