Thanks to twenty years of experience in High Jewellery creation, we offer a 3D design and realization of the wanted jewel. One simple idea or a draft could became the jewel desired: contact us, we make it happen for you. Thanks to modern technology and the skill of our designers, we can implement any project, to meet the desires and needs of everyone or to create unique and personalized gifts.

How does it work 3D design to create personalized jewelry?

Customization and designStarting from a simple sketch made by hand or computer, our designer creates the jewel in 3D using specific software. Subsequently the project was printed in three dimensions obtaining a wax-resin that allows you to see how will be the finished object, calculate the weight and the number of stones to get a cost estimate for its realization in the desired material.
If you want a jewel that you cannot find, or if you have a gem of value and would like to be able to put on and take it with you, please contact us to make your custom jewelry.

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