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The goldsmith laboratory Viva Creations was founded in 1990 in Valenza Po, Alessandria province, thanks to the talent and mastery of the brothers Zuzzè, able to create unique jewelry of high quality and to interpret the market up to offer its customers more than just a jewel: a unique emotion. The artisan goldsmith ability blends with modernity and technology, to create jewelry that meet the preferences of varied demanding customers. The Tennis bracelets and necklaces, in their various models, have become the top product of the Viva Creations production.

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Tennis bracelet online storeThe Viva Creations goldsmith artisan laboratory artisan is a leading creator of Tennis bracelets, the well-known jewel formed by a continuous row of diamonds, symbolizing the eternity of love. In a recent survey it was found to be the jewel more appreciated by Italians, often chosen as a gift.

Today, however, this timeless jewel, has been reinvented with different stones and the use of materials such as yellow, white or pink gold, thus meeting different needs. Popular with women all ages, a Tennis bracelet is always elegant and refined, suitable for any occasion to embellish the wrist and highlight the hand movements. However it is not only a jewel for women, in fact, men also appreciate it, especially in the best male versions in pink or yellow gold and black stones.

It is the ideal gift for special events such as Mother's Day or as a graduation gift, for the birthday and in all those situations where you want to express a sincere affection. Viva Creations realizes Tennis bracelets in white gold, yellow and pink, with diamonds, rubies or emeralds, also double and triple.

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